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Rotomail Italia

Rotomail started in 1996 as a software house specialized in one-to-one marketing solutions.

In 2000 we were the first company to use high-speed full-color inkjet technology and the first to become active in the transpromo field.

Today we are one of the largest businesses in the European digital printing sector—developing software and hardware solutions for print on demand and the personalization of communications.

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Book of one production

In the mid-2000s, we decided to enter the book production market from scratch, taking advantage of our highly technological equipment and the know-how acquired in transactional printing.

How? By developing Bronte, a software that automates all the book production workflows – from the receipt of the order to production, packaging, and shipping – allowing us to manage both conventional book production and book-of-one production.

After nine years:

Take your book printing
business to the next level

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