Introduction to software

Bronte is developed for book printing companies and is available in three different configurations that can be acquired individually or together, according to your needs. The three configurations are built on a shared platform that gives you an integrated unique order-handling and production platform.

Bronte handles file archives, product templates, pricing, web-store-fronts, production assets (printers, binding, paper, enhancements, etc.), planning, proofing, imposition, packaging/shipping, invoicing, and essentially all the processes from start to end.

Each of the sections is developed to maximize your production, but will also enable new business opportunities for your customers, like enabling profitable production of not only short runs, and back catalogs, but true book-of-one. The Long Tail in book production is finally here so not only can you optimize your production but you can also enable entirely new business opportunities for you and your customers.

But let’s take a look at what Bronte offers!

File archive

As the title indicates, File-Archive is a comprehensive archive where you store production assets from files, job tickets, specifications, etc.

Retrieving archived orders can be done by anybody with access to Bronte.

Publishers can easily re-order, and with all production assets associated with the catalog, production can start immediately without involving any humans – when desired!

Production Templates

Each book is built around a template where you define all the sections from covers, end-papers, book blocks, papers, print, binding – everything. 

By using templates you can easily add more similar books to the template enabling fast setup of productions with all the right specifications – right out of the box. 

By using templates you can also easily update parameters like prices, papers, etc. when needed!


Each and every customer can have unique price lists eliminating time-consuming calculations. 

The prices are based on a number of elements that ensure that not only are the prices accurate but also transparent and easy to manage.


Each customer can have a customized web-store-front. Customized web store-front gives the users a more familiar and comfortable usage of Bronte.

Production Assets

With Bronte, your equipment is registered with speed, formats, capabilities, etc., so Bronte can optimize your production based on these assets. 

All your equipment is connected to Bronte so the assets are monitored and automatically can load-balance production to available assets when needed. You can also manage external assets for productions outsourced to partners – or even other Bronte partners. 

This secures up-time, deliveries, and ensure that you can support your SLA, and of course, also enable extra capacity at peak periods, etc.


Bronte is also your planning tool – or to be more precise – with Bronte, you can almost eliminate the need for planning. 

Proofing takes place when jobs are ordered and files uploaded to Bronte, so when a job is approved, planning and imposition takes place according to available assets, delivery terms (SLA) and will automatically be delivered to the printing device in the sequence needed for covers and binding. 

If you use web-based print, Bronte even handles the sequence of print relating to unwinders/rewinders and preferences set when setup. With Bronte, you will not need manual planning of production unless you choose or if you have specific needs that needs manual planning.


Bronte handles the imposition of jobs, not only according to binding but also to maximize the usage of the paper in the printing machine. If you i.e. have paper in the printer that has a width that is used to more books of various formats, Bronte enables imposition and suggests slicing papers into sep. role widths for optimal usage of both printer and binding equipment.

IImposition, of course, also takes into consideration which type of binding a product requires.


Bronte handles packaging and shipping, and can even produce in the sequence that fits the needs of the packaging and shipping.


Finished jobs are automatically invoiced. Typically Bronte customers prefer to invoice in their ERP system and data from Bronte are exchanged with ERP systems using an API/webhook or XML data. 

Since all data is seamlessly integrated with Bronte customers can see job statuses, invoices, statements, and balances online enabling the best possible overview for customers – and for Bronte-enabled companies!

Bronte is the solution for innovative smart book printing companies!

Bronte has been developed over years and is today used by Rotomail Italia in all its processes described above. Bronte is an all-in-a-box solution for printing companies serving publishers and books.

Using Bronte, enable both conventional book production with so many opportunities, but if your company produces books in digital Bronte enable book-of-one production without any interference from the publisher or the printer. In today’s book market where the Amazon effect is driving books into this space, it’s crucial and essential to have an entirely automated solution! Bronte is maybe the only and most comprehensive solution today. With Books of one printing companies can not only produce current titles but enable publishers to open up their back-catalog or even develop entirely new business models.

Have a look at the three configurations.

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