Why Books of one?

Book of One

There are so many good reasons for books-of-one that technology, by far, is the main obstacle for not doing it. So in this article, I will guide you into why this should be of interest.

By Editor Morten B. Reitoft · INKISH

You most likely know the good old expression that customers are always right, so when customers today order books typically in print runs of hundreds or thousands, the cost per book needs to align with the book’s selling price. This, of course, makes a lot of sense when a publisher publishes a book that can sell larger quantities – and though books of one must be printed in digital –
offset production still makes a lot of sense for larger print runs.
But what happens when a publisher decides to publish a narrow title or if the publisher needs to reprint a book with declining sales? The publisher often has to say “no”, since conventional production isn’t an option that makes financial sense.

Narrow titles can suddenly be interesting to publish as the publisher now can order when the books are sold and won’t need to stock any books in the future.
By offering publishers this opportunity, you offer them a business opportunity that wouldn’t be possible without digital production equipment. Books of one enable new business like never before. So is it with back catalogs that wouldn’t be printed as it’s too expensive to print, stock, handle or books that may be stuck in a warehouse for ages!

Another example where books of one make sense is for self-publishers. You may think that self- publishers is a too narrow niche for you to consider, but self-publishing isn’t just about textbooks.
Self-publishing is cooking books, photo books, and, of course, family biographies that have a small audience, but for them, this is the most treasured book they can get hold of.

I hope you get my point. Books of one are exciting, but of course, ONLY if you can produce these profitable with zero human intervention – and that is precisely what Bronte is all about!


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